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The videos in your social media: where and how!

Videos are your nuclear marketing weapon

Now, let’s talk about videos in social media! They are incredible important; and if you ask why, here are the most important reasons: the social media algorithms have one thing in common: they favour videos to a large extent over text and images! The videos can be shared easy, which increases the communication and the traffic more that the other forms of communication. This is the main objective of the social media platform; they make the money advertising to people, so the more communication, the more opportunities for interaction and advertisement.

As I have said before, you can control fully only your website, and you need to bring people to it and persuade them to become your fans. To let people know about you, you need the social media! The social media platforms make money through advertising, and the more communication and shares, the more they benefit, so they give higher priority in their algorithms to videos; it is as simple as that. This is something it will only amplify in the future, so make sure you are part of the game, and use this to your advantage.

You got to be on youtube (you knew that already, isn’t it?)! Youtube is a social network, but it is also the second biggest search engine in the world (you knew that too, right?), so be there! Music videos, interviews, behind-the scenes clip and vlogs are your weapons; post them! Everything works, however, you may want to use the help of a friend that knows about video editing to make all these clips have a rhythm and better looking! They will speak for you, so pay attention! 

You want to do the same in Vimeo, the other major video sharing platform. They are not the same, there are a couple of differences between them, and, being in both of them actually helps you to expand your audience. You tube is the most popular, with over 7 billions hours of video watched every month; it belongs to google, which means it helps you in google rankings, it’s free, and allows paid advertising solutions. The cons are that the quality of the videos loaded is all over the map, which means you will be in the pool with everyone else, and you tube purpose is to keep users on their platform to offer the advertising that makes money for them, they don’t care you want your fans to look steady at your videos, so they will show your competition videos, making it harder to retain the fans. Also, they are running advertising during the video, which usually leads to leaving the video.

Vimeo, on the other hand, does not have advertising, which is really great, however, it is not free (but doesn’t cost much, like 20 dollars for 20GB). There is no spamming with low quality videos, as Vimeo favours the higher quality videos. The downside of this service is that it has less traffic than youtube, and google in many cases removes videos from their result pages if the videos are not from youtube. 
You may want to check Vine – the video app for iOS, Android and Windows, it allows you a six seconds movie, and it can be a clever thing to use, it requires a short attention spam, so you have to create videos centred in one idea, but it can have a high impact exactly for this reason.
So, what videos should you post? There are a couple of categories, and you should use them all!

Music videos

Of all the video types, the music videos are the most complex, and take a while to produce. It is still the most important way to share your music with your fans. A music video is much more than a business card and speaks volume about how professional you are. From the story of the video and the extent to which the story aligns with the lyrics of the song, to the sound quality, from the plain quality of the video shoots to the way the editing was done, all these things tell the fans that you are serious about what you are doing, that you have the backup of a professional team, and you are in for the long run and dedicated to a quality act. The music always comes first, but there is this image that you want to build, the brand, and you have to put every effort into it, for a long lasting impression.

You should have a decent camera, some lighting and some editing software, if you’re at the beginning of your musical trip, and you have to DIY. A good/better idea would be to try to find some students into film/video production, and work with them. They may help you, as they want to build a portfolio, and, if your video goes viral, their name gets associated with it.

The other types of videos do not require the same general quality like the music videos, but the more quality, the better. Even if you target something raw, it will help to do some editing and make sure the sound quality is there. Here are some other types of videos:

Behind the scenes videos.

Fans like a lot these videos. They can be taken anywhere: at the rehearsal, when you write songs, when you jam, backstage, even when you practice – it may sound boring to you, but fans like that, if they would know how to play music they may not be your fans! – whatever you do, think if you can shoot it and share.

Cover videos

These videos do not have to be large production, it can be just you and your instrument- guitar or piano – and do it. Share it and ask the fan what they think, what other covers would they like to hear, get them excited and part of your act. One important thing is to remember to pay attention to what cover you will be doing. I personally think that the best way to do a cover is to choose a good song, well known, maybe from 5-10 years ago, and make it yours, change it a bit, bring a personal touch. Covering a new song from the top of the charts may not be a good idea; people just get used to it, and they will not search for the covers of those songs. And even if the youtube search puts your cover close to the top of the search, do you really want to be there and be known as a cover act?

Vlog style clips

Let the fans get into your life; publish some short clips of your day-to-day life, every couple of days, sometimes even daily. The fans will love it, it will make them super fans, because you present to them as a person, as a human being, not only as the musician/performer/songwriter. This is a much personal connection, and people will react extremely positive to it, and want to become part of it… here is also important of where you draw the line, how do you value your privacy, but hey, everything has a price, and it is up to every one to establish these boundaries.

You should also explore some avenues that may not have you/your band at the centre of the video, like the band goes a street festival, or an art exhibition, or a traditional area or local street food celebration. You just have to enjoy the event, be natural, and post the video; if you’re a band, make sure everybody takes shots, so you can make it from many points of views…

Streaming live video

This is a simple form of video, but extremely powerful. All you need is your phone and a stand. Try if it’s possible to have a regular schedule for these steam live video;, this way more fans can dial in, as they find out about it. Get personal, this is a great opportunity to do it, call fans by name, answer some of their questions. This is a golden opportunity. You can have a live performance, but also you can have a discussion about a previous performance, about something relevant from your life, or an announcement… this is when you definitely establish a direct connection.


Beside the traditional posting in the website, I suggest you do a video where you communicate the updates to your fans: like nest releases – song or albums-, next concerts, or new merchandise for sale in your website. It gives a more personal touch, and these types of videos are very effective.

One last world about videos: it is definitely important on how you do them. There are a couple of tested facts that it would be a good idea for you to apply:
No matter how small the video, think that you tell a story. Use every avenue you have at your disposal to do it.
  • Make sure the story has a rhythm, better have some energy and impact.
  • Use subtitles or text if you want to emphasize something, there are very good for that.
  • Plan the video as much as you can, from the intro to the end. Ensure there is a constant hook that should keep the fans watching to the end: imagine the story like being a question, or raising a problem, and you give the solution in steps, logically, to keep the audience following you.
  • A bit of investment won’t hurt: a decent editing software, with some effects- but don’t abuse them -, use sometimes black and white, especially when your message wants to be different. Spent some time on learning how to use lights, there are tons of videos on youtube, it’s not that difficult. There are also many tutorials that shows you effective techniques to achieve some interesting effects, but again, do not overuse them.
  • Be informative and clear in your videos. Be short wherever possible, people attention’s span is not their greatest asset.
  • Make sure they play well in mobile devices before posting them on social media. Use the standard or better forms, do not try to invent the wheel, you’re doing music, not cinematography…

I hope you find useful these advices, and let me know what you think about, or if you have questions do not hesitate to
Contact me.

Stay tuned,

Flo Fandango