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What we do

Fandango Recording provides professional services of music production, recording, mixing, mastering, sound restoration and A/V transfer. Fandango Recording helps artists in all phases of the music production process, not only technically, but also creatively, guiding the artist during song production, if needed. For artists that only write lyrics, we can create a complementary arrangement, both melodic and harmonic. When tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering, you always get an input from the producer's point of view if required, which is a major benefit when working with us. Of course, many artists/acts have their own producers, or produce themselves, so we provide any part of the process as per client request.

Music production

Fandango Recording provides full music production services for singers and songwriters, both pro and amateurs, so they can have a radio-ready song, or use it for a professional demo. We produce radio ready custom beats for R&B and hip-hop artists, and also provide music for advertising industry, radio/TV and film industry.

We also produce songs for special occasions, like weddings, celebrations, or for a special person or event; we write all original music, with you just telling us what style of the song you would like, and give us the concept/story for the song, so we can do the lyrics if you do not have them.


Fandango Recording offers multitrack recording in the studio, Voice Overs and ADR and multi-track recording on location. With the two tracking rooms and 24 simultaneous inputs through world-class mic and amps, Fandango Recording can easily accommodate a typical rock band, jazz ensemble, and everything in between. We are also providing multi-track recording on location for classical, jazz and choir music exclusively.


Editing is the next step in the process, done before mixing. Editing is also offered as a separate service. There are four major types of editing:
  • COMPING is the process where a track is put together using the best parts from different recording takes. It is a typical process especially for vocals.
  • NOISE REDUCTION is basically the process where unwanted sounds and artifacts like background noises, amp hissing, kick drum pedal squeaks are eliminated, or greatly reduced.
  • TIME EDITING is the process of aligning in time off-beat notes, using various methods.
  • PITCH EDITING is the process of bringing back on pitch some sour notes.


Mixing is the process of putting everything together and getting a great balance, frequency range, panorama, dimension, dynamics and interest. Fandango Recording Toronto performs a hybrid mixing process, using a blend of esoteric / state of the art analog and digital equipment. The monitoring system is exceptional and the control room is acoustically balanced. You can bring your tracks recorded in any other studio, in any format.


Fandango Recording provides high resolution audio mastering services. The songs are polished, enhanced, and prepared for commercial purposes, for internet/streaming, for CD’s, vinyl or for the new generation of listening devices. We are also re-mastering old material, like old tapes and vinyl, in which case, we perform a cleaning and restoration of the old sources first, then re-master to make the songs sound properly in today’s listening devices

Sound and audio restoration

Fandango Recording provides restoration of old sound sources- tapes (reel to reel with 3 3/4" (9 cm) and 7 1/2 (19 cm) speeds), cassettes, LP's (33, 45 and 78's) and transfer from various sources to CD or different format files: .WAV, .AIFF, MP3. We provide also audio restoration for surveillance recordings (tapes or digital), taped police interrogations, voice mails, wiretaps, mini voice recorders, body wires, telephone conversations, speeches, interviews and lectures, and many others.

Audio and Video transfer

Fandango Recording offers audio and video transfers from analog formats and carriers to digital files. Usually the audio sources are tapes, cassettes, vinyls and small analog and digital vocal recorders, and most video sources we transfer are video 8, HI8 and VHS tapes.

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