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Restoration after audio transfer
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Audio/Video Transfers

Audio and video transfers

Fandango Recording offers audio and video transfers from analog formats and carriers to digital files. Most common audio sources are tapes, cassettes, vinyls and small analog and digital vocal recorders, and most video sources we transfer are video 8, HI8 and VHS tapes.

We know many people have videotapes with movies of birthdays, school shows, child's first steps, vacations, and so on. They are ageing somewhere in the house, they deteriorate in time due to heat, cold, humidity and improper storage; in these conditions, image quality deteriorates steady. The old players for these tapes may nor work properly, due to their age, there are no new ones you can replace them with, and it is expensive to repair them.

Audio and video transfers stop deterioration, they preserve much better the material quality, the digital files are easy for you to see/hear them whenever you like, with the regular technology you have in the house, and makes it so much easier to share them with family and friends. Once you have the digital files, you can also edit them, edit out the boring scenes, make copies and share them with your loved ones, or share them in social media.

Regarding audio, we can do an extensive restoration, and also we can do video enhancement, with certain limitations.

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