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Forensic restoration is a particular type of professional sound restoration which increases the listenability and intelligibility of a sound source. Many clients can benefit from this process, like police, lawyers, private investigators, journalists, researchers, security specialists. The audio engineer's skills are applied to analyze, improve, enhance, edit, investigate and detect the sounds recorded.

The original sound source is not affected in the process, and the forensic restoration will be applied to a digital copy. Sound sources include surveillance recordings, (tapes or digital), taped police interrogations, voice mails, wiretaps, mini voice recorders, body wires, telephone conversations, speeches, interviews and lectures, etc. It is preferable to transfer the source using the original recording. A copy will have a loss of fidelity; aside from this, it is better to use the original recorder, especially if it goes to courts. In many cases, we can restore from damaged tapes, but it depends on the severity of the damage.

Forensic restoration is a process whereby audio from a low quality recording is enhanced to make it clearer. Through forensic restoration, light distortion can be improved, making distorted voice more articulate (however, please note distortion can not be undone). Background noise, like streetcar and car noise, dishes clattering, doors being shut, among other sounds, can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated. But in many situations it is almost impossible to restore the sound.

The following is an example of an audio recording in the original state and after the forensic restoration. Please note the reduction of the background noise, which improves the intelligibility and the reduction of a door being shut of.

In order to know exactly what can be done to improve a sound source, contact us or call 416 579 5569 and make an appointment. We do not provide forensic restoration quotes over the phone, as we need to hear first the material in order to estimate the amount of work. The final project will be burnt on CD, unless the customer wants a different audio format. Copies are provided as required.

Fandango Recording does not provide transcripts of audio materials. We do not provide court assistance.

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