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Toronto mixing studio Fandango Recording offers professional mixing services using a hybrid analog/digital approach. Mixing is the process of putting everything together to get great balance, frequency range, panorama, dimension, dynamics, and interest.

All i
nstruments have to be heard properly, and there has to be a fit in between them. The song gets to be round, polished, with a good sense of 3D space. In theory, this sounds simple; the reality is much more complicated. Every instrument carries different amount of energy in the frequency bands and they have to be worked out so they don’t cancel each other and sound naturally. They have to be placed in space, both panning, depth and height. The voices or leads have to stand out.

The mixing engineer identifies the song’s driving element (for example, in disco the kick is everything, or in jazz the melody and the musical dialogue between musicians), understand the arrangement and then, using panorama, EQ, dimension (effects), dynamics (compression, gating, limiting) starts to build the mix from the bottom up, following the direction of the song and making sure it has groove and it captures a listener's interest. Mixing requires
editing, like vocal editing (pitch correction, intonation and breathing reduction), noise removal from tracks, drums enhancement or replacement.

Besides the experience of the engineer, there are a couple of elements that have major influence over the mix: room acoustics, the monitors and the quality of the
equipment - hardware and software. I can't stress enough the importance of the monitors & room acoustics in the mixing equation.

What sets us apart when it comes to mixing...

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is the way we work when it comes to mixing: once the mixing is done, you get to take the mix and listen to it for a week or so on the audio systems you are familiar with. So many times clients' complain that they did the mix into another studio and they are not happy with it. I am not sure it's the studio or the clients to blame, but I am sure that in music everybody has their own view: what I like a lot may not be your cup of tea. Music is a very personal and subjective thing.

Once you get to have the mix and listen to it, you can write down a list of the things you want changed, then come back to the studio and we work together to implement the changes. I will do the changes as requested, as I understand that each artist has its own vision, and my job is to make it a reality. There is no ego in this process, the only important thing is to bring the artist's concept to life. I found that this strategy of finishing a mix gives the best results and clients are definitely happier and more content. Of course, when the artist has its own producer it is easier, as the producer knows what he wants, and is in charge with the direction of the mix.

When you're budgeting for a project, always consider the time for mixing; this is very important. It is common to spend between 6 to 10 hours in the 16+ tracks world and 2-3 hours for a voice over. You may ask for compromises if your project is a demo for club promotion, but it would be a mistake to do so for large or important projects.

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