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Music production

Fandango Recording offers music production services like song and demo production, beat production and scoring for film, games and multimedia.

If you are singer/songwriter and have a song you need to showcase, either plain vocal or vocal and an i
nstrument like piano or guitar or just a sketch of it, we can write an arrangement, record all the instruments required, and hand you a complete song that’s radio ready or a professional demo (see FAQ for a lot more about demos). If you need a song for a special occasion, like wedding, or corporate event, we can write it from scratch, make the arrangement, record, mix and master and you get your song at the highest commercial standards.

As an example, here is the initial song, as played by the composer initially, and the final version with all instruments, made here, at
Fandango Recording:
We do custom beat production for R&B and hip-hop. They are radio ready. You will have to provide the structure of the song, the lyrics, and indicate the type of sounds you would like in your production.
We also produce music for advertising industry, radio/TV and film as we are collaborating with songwriters and arrangers with credits on movies, CD’s and TV shows.

Demo and Song production

Fandango Recording Toronto offers music production services for songs and demos in a few styles of music: pop, rock, country, progressive, R&B, hip-hop, blues, adult contemporary, reggae, Latin. Many people that are not performers, like songwriters and lyricists, who want to get their song in movies, TV shows, commercial spots, or to pitch to famous artists, or others that need a song for a special occasion, like a wedding or anniversary, can benefit from the experience Fandango Recording has to offer. Listen to some samples of songs produced right here.

First, I need to say this: there is no such thing like a bad song, every song has something that moves or produces some emotion… not everything is perfect, but we can help you to bring your separate ideas into a cohesive whole. There are a couple of options on how to produce a song, like hiring a band and renting a
studio for a day, or hiring a producer with experience and who has a recording studio and the possibility to produce the song properly. Usually this second option is the the more affordable of the two. You can also produce the song via the Internet by collaborating with different musicians; each option has pro and cons.

The starting point for a song can be a simple melodic line, a rough sketch of the song. From here, we create a guiding track, which can be a recording of you playing an instrument and singing; we can also take care of the chord progression if you do not play an

The next step is to write an arrangement in the style you like, with bass, drums, guitars, keys, wind instruments, or any other instrument you are looking to have in the song. The song will have a structure that is typical for the style of music you want your song to be made. You can definitely provide the vocals or any instrument you want to play. At this stage, I will use both professional musicians and our high-end collection of available instruments and
sound libraries. The final step will be the vocal recording, which can be either you, or a professional singer.

You will be part of the whole process, providing your input and approving musical decisions at every step. No matter which direction the project goes, you own all of the copyrights of the recording, you can sell, publish or reproduce your song without our consent. Once all the tracks are in place, we can do the mixing and mastering here, at Fandango Recording, or get the separate tracks and take them for
mixing and mastering to a studio of your choice.

Beat production

Fandango Recording Toronto offers custom beat production for hip hop, rap, R&B and EDM. The customer can get exclusive rights to the beat and owns it. We deliver the beat in any format, as per client request. We either deliver each track individually exported for further editing and mixing, or you can choose to do the mixing and mastering with us.
Fandango Recording's hip hop, instrumental, or R&B instrumental beats match the client vision and fit the lyrics provided. Of course we can build beats from the ground up, but we can also pick up the feel of an existing beat that the customer believes is the best fit for his song. We encourage the artists to come with samples of hip hop or R&B songs that they like, or specific types of sounds and we can get a final product that matches customer expectation. Fandango Recording’s sound possibilities are endless, as we have the best instruments and sound libraries available.

Making a beat with a great groove is only half of the story. Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city where people have settled from over 200 countries. So we’ve been exposed, over the years, to many musical styles, from jazz to Latin and reggae, from heavy metal to classical and contemporary and from country and funk to electronica and world music. We have created arrangements and demos in many styles of music, and this is the reason we can bring something unique to the sound of melodic lines, making the beat stand out from the competition.

Once the beat is done, the client gets to listen to it. Almost all of our clients choose to record their vocals with us, and we usually do the mixing and the mastering. But we can also deliver the beat individual tracks or stems, and the client can go to any other studio to record the vocals and have the mixing and mastering done. This is generally the scenario for clients from outside Greater Toronto Area; they can order the beats through internet or mail and then they can go to local studios to finish their project. The following are some samples of custom beats we produced:

Scoring for Film, Games and Multimedia

Fandango Recording provides professional tracks and loops by request in any style, geared toward gaming industry, promotion and film – both feature and documentary - and internet applications- like music for websites, for youtube and vimeo movies.

Music plays an integral role in multimedia serving many functions, as it connects disparate events, conveys emotion, heightens tension, provides continuity or breaks the action, alters the mood and the feelings of the listener. Music is the glue that makes possible a desired flow in the atmosphere of your project, contributing to the continuous control of the listener toward a final act that can be a sale, pure entertainment, educational purpose, for arousal and focusing or for a cue for memory, called leitmotif.

Fandango Recording has the capability to offer music and arrangements in any style, and with any possible sounds. Aside exceptional sounding instruments like guitars, basses, synths, Fandango has an impressive amount of sound libraries of the finest possible quality, covering all musical instruments, from traditional (bass, drums, percussion, synths and keys) to classical and ethnic from all over the world.

When you order the music, you will have the option of getting the exclusive use of it and the royalty of the music, or just lease it and have exclusivity for a limited period of time.

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