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The control room's desk is the heart of the studio
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Fandango Recording Toronto studio is designed to provide comfort and excellent acoustics for recording, mixing and mastering, and to have a great vibe. Our acoustically treated rooms are designed to complement each other and a multi-cue monitoring system is available so each musician can individually control the mixing of what they hear in their headphones. There is a closed circuit TV between the two recording rooms for better communication.

The control room acoustics are exceptional, with a state of the art monitoring system so we can deliver the right mixing and mastering for your project. Fandango Recording Toronto employs a hybrid analog/digital approach for mixing and mastering exclusively using esoteric and high-end
equipment. The quality of the audio path is outstanding, as we are only using mastering grade convertors, cables, and patch bays.

The studio has a lounge room to relax, have a coffee, watch a movie, chat and connect with friends over the internet, or post pictures from the recording session to keep your fans excited for your upcoming releases. Fandango Recording Toronto is located in uptown Toronto, around the Don Mills area, close to Leslie and Lawrence, in a quiet and picturesque neighbourhood. Access is very easy, taking less than 5 minutes from either the 401 (Leslie South exit), or the Don Valley (Lawrence West exit). Parking is free, and there are a lot of nice restaurants and food places close by, either at York Mills Strip Mall or at
Shops at Don Mills.

The studio layout

Fandango Recording Toronto is a professional recording studio with a real estate of over 1000 square feet. The control room and the two tracking rooms were built following established acoustic principles. There is a closed TV circuit to allow for communication between the tracking rooms and the control room. The main recording room walls are covered with wood and broadband absorbers and diffusers, which allows for a very tight and balanced sound for instruments and vocals. The second tracking room is terrific for recording reeds, brass, and violins as it provides a livelier sound.

Beside the engineer's experience and equipment, mixing and mastering require a proper acoustically calibrated control room. That is the reason the room was design professionally, using bass traps, broadband absorbers of 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” thickness, bass membranes, Helmholtz resonators, quadratic and poly diffusers, and professional acoustic foam. For those of you interested in room acoustics, I took snapshots of the acoustic measurements of the control room with Fuzz Meassure- check
FAQ. The acoustic measurements were done with an Earthwork QTC40 through a Millenia preamp.

The control room

Fandango Recording's "brain" if you want. This is the command center of the studio, and where everything comes together.
Control room mixing and mastering desk
Control room analog and digital equipment
Miles Davis silence call before recording session
Close up on mixing and mastering desk
Instrument and tape recorder corner in control room
Akai MPC Vermona analog drum synth and oberheim in control room corner
Control room command center

Main tracking room

The main recording room, acoustically treated with wooden walls, is the place where most of the recordings are done: vocals, drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, double and electric bass. The room has a excellent sound and provides for both intimate vocals and a great drum sound, as the acoustics are very controlled. It can provide for a very dry sound, useful for ADR and podcasts.
Acoustically treated main recording room
Looking into the control room through the window
Drums recording best area
Main recording room entrance
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Recording drums setup

Second tracking room

Fandango Recording's second tracking room is more live than the main one, really responsive when recording brass, reeds, and string instruments. Also, it has a Roland V-Piano, which is excellent for recording due to the endless sound possibilities it provides. There is a close circuit TV between the two tracking rooms so artists can communicate.
Piano and brass recording room
The piano and reeds recording room
Roland V-Piano is ready for recording
Close up of the Rolad V-Piano

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