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The dancer and piano in the second tracking room
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The Gallery

Some pictures from the past sessions...

A photo gallery of some artists and some moments from the last years during our studio sessions…
Vocal recording with Christina
Setup for drum recording
Recording acoustic jazz
Recording solo sax
Recording acoustic guitar
Flo Fandango, the studio engineer and producer
The wait before recording
M/S recording classical guitar
Drums recording at Fandango Recording
ADR recording session
Recording backing vocals
Recording brazilian percussion
Consultation before vocal take
Deserved recording brake
Small guitar player recording
Preparing recording session
Dion recording vocal at Fandango Recording
Vocal recording with Dion
Jack Zoravski recording double bass
Emily recording main vocal
Record tenor sax with ribbon
UDU drum recording
Tiago playing Brazilian percussion
Warm up before recording
Recording Debo playing electric bass
Recvording claves
Long ADR recording session
Microphone placement for drums
Jazz guitar recording
Urban Jazz recording full band
Recording keys of the floor
Kesy overdubbing
Recording piano accompaniment
Recording Ruby from Urban Jive
Recording solo sax for Ken G
Recording Fender Strat through Kendrick Solo 7 amp
Vocal overdubs
Vocal recording on air
Tenor sax recording
Drum recording Fandango Recording 1999
Recording Taylor acoustic guitar
Tunning before recording
Good friends in the studio
Fandango Recording 20 years ago
Recording Rosa for Ginga
Making the mixing desk
Mixing desk in the make
Mixing desk installation
Final installation of mixing desk in control room
Installing the new mixing desk
4 legs music advisors
Mixing assistant

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