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Fandango Recording prides on the commercial quality it delivers at an affordable price. It's hard to know what the final price of a project will be in the absence of proper details. The more info you provide, the more accurate our estimation/quote will be. A seven instruments band recording and mixing will definitely take more time and will cost more than a voice over a hip hop beat.

As we know you are looking around to gather info, we decided to publish some general rates. Please feel free to call and discuss your project, or contact us and provide as many details as you can, like style, how many instruments, how many tracks for mixing, how many songs for mastering, the mastering format desired, and so on.
  • Recording, Voice-over and overdubbing rates
    The hourly rate is $60/ hour. Rate includes engineer. Minim 2 hours block booking.
  • Recording on location rates
    Recording on location: $700 dollars/day for up to 8 hours, including transportation from and back to studio and set up. Every additional hour will be billed at $125/hour.

    Fandango Recording provides live recording only for classical, chamber music, choir and jazz. Recording is done at 24 bit resolution. Mixing and mastering are billed separate. If mixing is not required, a $200 fee for file transfers will be applied. The prices apply to Greater Toronto Area. For all other locations please call or contact for a quote.
  • Mixing and editing rates
    The hourly rate for mixing and editing is $50/hour.
  • Mastering rates
    The mastering rate per song for either internet format, vinyl or CD: 60 dollars.
    Mastering for a full CD: $600 for up to 12 songs/CD. Each additional song: $70. DDP provided by request for $30. Masters for internet formats done at the same time with mastering songs for CD or vinyl will be charged at $15 per song; otherwise full mastering rate applies.

    For larger project- full albums only or equivalent - where the client works with us from recording to final step- mastering, we offer a 30% mastering discount.

    Disclaimer: Fandango Recording will fix any error or mistake on our part at no charge, however, it is the customer responsibility to listen to the masters on a quality player (CD, turntable, digital), and make sure there are no mistakes. In extremely rare cases the CD's may have some manufacturing problems, and Fandango Recording will replace the disc at no charge, however, we will not be hold liable for this. Please do not listen the master CD in moving vehicles, as this will scratch the CD. Please keep your masters on CD totally clean, free from scratches and dust, always in a case. For the digital files, the general rules of file storing applies. Fandango Recording usually keeps a backup of the projects for three months, however, this is not a rule, and we will not be hold liable for backups.
  • Music production
    Each project is different, so we can provide an estimate after you let us know the details. Just as a guideline:

    • Custom beat production: from $300. Customer gets exclusive rights to the beat for the first 2000 sold units. Complete ownership is to be negotiated with the studio. The beat is completely tailored to the customer lyrics and structure.
    • Instrumental arrangement for demos or full songs: from $250.
    • Songwriting: create original music for provided lyrics: $200. Writing the harmony and arrangement is $80. Fandango Recording retains the song copyright for the music part.

    If vocal recording is required, vocal rates depend on the choice of vocalist, as they have their own rates. We can recommend and work with pro musicians, but we do not negotiate with them the price- this is the customer responsibility.

  • Audio and sound restoration and forensic audio
    General cleaning. declick, decrackle, dethump, descratch, denoise: $60 / workhour
    Manual restoration/forensic in spectrogram: $90 dollars/workhour.
  • Audio and video transfer to digital files/CD/DVD
    The hourly rate for audio / video transfer is $40 / hour. The price refers to hourly rate of working, Eg: a 60 minute cassette to transfer in digital takes more time than 60 minutes, as the set up time and basic editing, like splitting the songs, adds to the time worked. Please call or contact us for details.
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The legal mumbo-jumbo, go ahead and read it, it's not that hard to understand... and it's important.

Booking, Payment and Terms

While we try to accommodate everybody, arrangements for recording studio time should be made at least 10 days before the session.Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis; some sessions can be booked on short notice, pending the availability of the studio.

The booking is confirmed when a deposit is placed.
  • For recording, the deposit is 25% of the estimated recording time.
  • For mixing, mastering and restoration, the deposit is 75% of the estimated value.
  • For music production services - custom beats, demo/song instrumental arrangements - a 50% deposit is required prior to starting of the job.
The final price will always be within +/-10% of the quoted price.

Payment for studio work is due at the end of each individual session, regardless of the length. Payment options are Visa/Mastercard though PayPal (add 3% fees) - ask fort the mail address- cheques (except the last payment, when final project is handed over), money order, e-transfer, cash.

LIEN: The studio shall have a lien on all properties delivered to the studio by the clients well as on all CD's, files, vinyl and tapes made by the studio for the client for any unpaid balance of the amount due to the studio for services or supplies rendered.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. The posted rates do not apply to business rates and major label signed acts.
The studio is a smoke free facility.

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